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2005 HUMMER 3 H3

The sporty and appealing design of the 2005 hummer 3 is the result of a successful collaboration between General Motors and Nike design teams. Their joined efforts have managed to create a vehicle that looks great in the city as well as in rough terrain. The 2005 hummer 3 is for instance fitted with ACG TA tires, a new form of tires that makes the H3 an ideal vehicle in many different types of terrain. Multiple durometers made from rubber, sand paddles and traction pads are all found in this new hummer model in order to address a vast array of traction environments. A different colour breakout on durometers is one of the results of Nike in-put in the design process, and the idea actually originates from Nike's ACG trail and hiking shoes.

When you look at the interior of a 2005 hummer 3, you will also notice the Nike influence. Sphere material has been used for the seats and Nike Epic backpacks have been integrated into the seats. Sphere is a modern lightweight material that is popular in Nike apparel. In clothing as well as in seats, it is important to be able to cool off or warm a person without having to resort to mechanical solutions. The Nike Epic backpacks are found as seat-back clamshells and hold by elastic bungees.  

Most drivers of 2005 hummer 3 agree that brining GM and Nike designers together was truly a lucky shot, since the athletic Nike design matches the young and sporty 2005 hummer 3 perfectly. The design is a combination of good look and practical features, just like Nike shoes and clothing. BFGoodrich also played an important part during the development of this car, since they engineered and manufactured the incredible ACG TA tires. These tires will do for the 2005 hummer 3 what a good athletic shoe does for a sportsman.


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