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The Hummer line was actually started by AM General in 1983. Initially started as a military vehicle for the U. S Govt., the civilian models started rolling out in 1992. General Motors took over the exclusive rights to the Hummer brand name in 1999. Ever since its first trip, the Hummer has been a winner all the way through. The civilian models have undergone several upgrades and are the most popular vehicles in the off-road category. It's safe to say that off the road, the Hummer is King.


The sheer number, variety and range of accessories that have flooded the market in the last few years ascertain the extent to which Hummer has captured the imagination of the four-wheeling market. Not just fixtures for the vehicles, Hummer accessories now even include riding gear, bikes, key chains, fragrance, t-shirts and apparel. Hummer has lent its name and rugged good looks to various types of Hummer accessories like Hummer luggage and leather products, Hummer laptops and laptop accessories and Hummer shoes.

Moving on to the vehicle, Hummer accessories are available model-wise. Both Hummer H1 and the Hummer H2 have been huge hits with the roadies. One of the most useful Hummer accessories has been the Hummer Hitch Mounted Step by GM. The Hummer being a vehicle with very high clearance, getting into the vehicle can sometimes be very difficult, especially for pets and older people. The Hummer Hitch Mounted Step by GM seeks to address this issue. This Hummer accessory is made of durable cast aluminum. It has the official Hummer logo engraved in it, and the non-slip footpad is easy to attach. This makes the roof rack of your Hummer easily accessible. This Hummer Accessory is made of polished chrome and is thus corrosion resistant. Another great advantage is that it can be folded in when not in use.

Another popular Hummer accessory for your vehicle is the Chrome Billet Locking Gas Cap. This gives a sleek and highly polished look to the vehicle. The original plastic Gas cap can be replaced with this "heavy duty" cap. The Heavy Duty Frontal Coverage Brush Guard is also a hot favorite among the Hummer accessories. This Hummer accessory protects the front of the vehicle when the ride is rough. Wraparound Guards that provide even greater protection for the entire front are also in the market. Usually made of tubular steel, it gives the Hummer a tough exterior. Attractive Splashguards further ensure the safety of the Hummer.

Most popular among the Hummer accessories for the interior of the car include seat covers, custom carpet floor mats, cargo area liner, cargo nets and of course, radio! The seat covers have been evolving in their looks and quality ever since the Hummer lines have started. Today, plush leather seat covers or water resistant soft seat covers are best sellers. Seat covers carrying the official Hummer logo, with matching floor mats are also hot selling items. The cargo area of the Hummer also has led to the production of many innovative Hummer accessories. Specially designed cargo protection nets help keep the cargo intact and in place during rough rides.

Digital satellite radios that enhance both the looks as well as the riding pleasure are another popular Hummer accessory. Various companies making this accessory are vying to outdo each other. Superb sound quality, wide area coverage and a plethora of available channels - all add zing to this exciting accessory.

Another range of exciting Hummer accessory that adds great value to the roof of the vehicle consist of additional crossbars and racks that add to the cargo capacity of the vehicle. Bike racks, ski racks and luggage racks are available from various companies. Portable first aid kits, tool kits, off-road accessory kits are all useful for the off-road trips in a Hummer. Winch ropes, tow ropes and winch accessory kits add to the off-road excitement of the vehicle

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