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The Hummer H2 rolled off the production lines in the fag end of 2001. It was an instant success. It has seized a sizeable part of the off-road vehicle market ever since. As a proof of its evergreen popularity, there are more and more trendy and useful hummer H2 accessories being shipped out by various companies. Some are just cosmetic, while other hummer h2 accessories really plug some small holes in the original design, making the vehicle even more versatile and sturdy than before.

One of the most popular Hummer H2 accessories is the Aluminium Roof rack. This accessory greatly helps to increase the cargo space of the vehicle. Automatically, this translates to more interior cargo space and more load capacity for the bulkier cargo. This hummer h2 accessory is made of lightweight aluminium, and is thus lightweight and rust free. The accessory is attached using stainless steel fasteners, thus making the fasteners also rust free.  Upgraded crossbars further increase the load capacity of the vehicle. These cross bars come in bright-anodized finish.
The outside mounted spare tire carrier is another favorite Hummer H2 accessory. Relocating the spare tire from its normal position to the outside of the back end of the vehicle greatly increases the cargo carrying of the hummer h2. The attractive spare tire carrier cover adds to the look of the vehicle, matching the design of the Hummer H2. It effectively protects the spare and the rim from debris and dirt. It is available in a wide range of colors. It is easy to install. The spare tire carrier is resistant to corrosion and also has anti-theft protection. It greatly enhances the appearance of the outside tire carrier, giving it a finished and glossy look.

Another handy accessory for the Hummer H2 is the battery heater. This can be wrapped up for added warmth. This handy blanket plugs into standard outlets. It can be wrapped around the battery. This comes very handy in colder climates, when you need to give the battery a little extra warmth to start it up.

Stylish trailer hitch and ball mounts add to the beauty of the Hummer H2. With the hitch and ball mount, you can make towing a more beautiful job. The chrome hitch is highly polished, tough and maintains the overall look of the Hummer H2. It also has enough articulation for any serious off the road towing that may be needed. The hitch is available in a variety of sizes depending upon the capacity of towing requirements.

Attractive Hummer H2 accessories include the chrome fuel door, chrome hood latches and chrome hood handles. Together, these make an attractive exterior finish for the Hummer H2. The chrome fuel door is made of solid metal and specifically constructed for the Hummer H2. Another attractive Hummer H2 accessory available both in chrome as well as black is the tubular tail lamp guards. They are mostly cast in aluminium alloy.

Water resistant seat covers made of stormshield material is another useful accessory for the rough and tough Hummer H2. This will protect your seats from all kinds of minor abrasions, wetness from swimsuits, spills, mud, dust and debris. Embroidered with the Hummer logo, they come in attractive dark colors and make the interior look polished and compact. The seats are easy to remove and wash. Durability and ease of maintenance are what makes these covers especially attractive.

There are many other Hummer H2 accessories available in the market today. Sophisticated tubular assist steps, wrap around brush grille guards and the front hitch mounted portable winch etc add to the rugged good looks of the Hummer H2. The super sleek look that is achieved by adding the flashy accessories is well worth the money because the Hummer H2 is loved as much for its looks as for its usefulness.

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