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True to the Hummer legacy, the Hummer H3 delivers the traditional Hummer style and its unbelievable off-road capabilities in a more compact sized package. For the first time, the Hummer brand becomes available to a new range of prospective owners. The midsize vehicle can now comfortably navigate the busy highways, while holding on to the amazing off-road climbing capabilities. It's no wonder then that the Hummer H3 has become tremendously popular. The wide range of Hummer H3 accessories available in the market is a mute affirmation of the vehicle's popularity.

The Hummer H3 accessories are available in 3 main categories: Hummer H3 accessories for the interior, Hummer H3 accessories for the exterior and Hummer H3 accessories for performance.

GM has provided accessories to protect the interior of your vehicle in style. The Hummer H3Custome Vinyl Floor mats by GM will help you safeguard the interior of the vehicle. Custom vinyl floor mats come in Cashmere or Ebony. The front mats have the Hummer logo imprinted on them. You can further beautify the interior of your Hummer H3 by using the Hummer H3 Carbon Fiber Radio Surround by Azar. The classy item looks sleek and polished, and goes very well with the general good looks of the vehicle. The Hummer H3 Cargo Area Convenience by GM is another great accessory when you need to carry a lot of luggage. This netting will keep cargo safe and tucked in. Its unique envelope styled net and the side net proves to be very useful during those humpy, bumpy rides. GM also allows your cargo a bit of privacy by providing the Hummer H3 Cargo Security Shade. The shade has compressible ends and a push button lock. This makes it very easy to install and remove. Now, prying eyes can no more see what you are carrying. The Hummer H3 Seat Bezel by SMA, and the Hummer H3 Interior Grab Handles by Real Wheels are some other useful interior accessories.

Among the various Hummer H3 accessories for the exterior, the Hummer H3 Billet Locking Fuel Door by Rear Wheels is a good buy. The stock fuel door can now be disposed of. Instead, and this great looking Billet door can be put in. This is an added security feature too. GM has provided an excellent Hummer H3 bicycle carrier. This locking Bicycle Carrier also has a quick release catch that makes loading and unloading incredibly easy.  The Tubular Brush/Grille Guard from GM will protect the vehicle from debris. It also has a unique mount system that allows you to fix it without any metal contact. This will save you a paint job. The Hummer H3 Ski and Snowboard carrier by GM makes it a handy accessory when you decide to go on that ski trip. This accessory requires roof rack crossbars in place. The Hummer H3 20" RT24 Wheel and Tire Package by MC2 makes your vehicle simply come alive. This beauty is shipped along with excellent Goodyear tires. A 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty (whichever is sooner) also accompanies the item. Center caps and theft deterrent lug nuts add to the attraction. The Hummer H3 Stainless Steel Tire Cover by Steelcraft comes with a hinge. This aids easy and instant installation and removal. It makes the vehicle look fantastic with the black color, the silver lining and the H3 logo in its center.

A wide range of accessories can further enhance performance of your Hummer H3. The Hummer H3 Sport Exhaust System by SMA looks absolutely stunning. It can give an extra 15 HP. The stainless exhaust gives the vehicle an extremely rugged and sleek look. The Hummer H3 Suspension Lift by Rancho is another great buy. The Hummer H3 Supercharger by predator will boost the vehicle's performance and give the H3 up to 40% increase in power.

These are just some of the most useful and attractive H3 Hummer Accessories to hit the market recently. A large variety of extra fittings from a sizzling new market await the new Hummer H3.

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