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Do you fancy about driving round the city on a Hummer? Many in your city wants to be a proud owner of the slightly tamed beast without shelling out a fortune of $50,000. It is however possible to own a “hummer” for less than that. A Hummer kit car can allow you to get the “hummer” you want. What is a Hummer kit car? A Hummer kit car is the package that lets you build your own Hummer. A hummer kit usually contains the things you need except for the engine, suspension and transmission which you will have to buy separately for you hummer.

A Hummer kit car can be fun, a pride, and used as a transporting vehicle all depending on your preferences at the moment

You can build a Hummer Kit car over an appropriate donor car with the necessary features and make it look like a real Hummer. But remember you are not going to get your Hummer kit car for free. Building a Hummer kit car wont even be cheap but it will be much cheaper than buying a real hummer H1, hummer H2 or Hummer H3

A Hummer kit car lets you have the pride of owning a real Hummer.  A hummer Kit car can also be a better choice if you expect to use your “hummer” in street traffic since kit car hummers often will have better handling in street traffic than a real hummer. A real hummer is however superior in the terrain.

The first step towards building a Hummer kit car is to find a donor car. The donor car should serve as a platform on which you can build your Hummer kit car. GM trucks, Mustangs and Fieros form the ideal donor car for a Hummer kit car. There are however other chassis that will work well so don’t stop your search there. You can assess different high platform trucks to find the ideal Hummer kit car donor car for your hummer.

You can find an engine that suits a Hummer kit car like a Vortec, Duramax or anything that you think will give your hummer the power you need. You might need a smaller engine for you kit car hummer if you are planning to just use it on the streets than if you are going to use it in the terrain. Select to use high performance suspensions to get the best ride conditions possible in your Hummer kit car since you sometimes may think you want to pull out from the street and into the terrain. But don’t go too far with your Hummer kit car. At least if it is the only a Hummer kit car you have.

Go for the wheels and tires that match the ones of a real Hummer for your Hummer kit car. Congruence is needed in the windscreens, glass, seats, headlights, interiors, etc.

It takes many days and a lot of sweat to complete your Hummer kit car. It needs wielding and bending of the parts. The bets option might be to leave that part of assembling your Hummer kit car to experienced mechanics. They can give you a custom Hummer kit car out of the kit you give them. After the manufacturing is complete, give a custom painting to whole of the Hummer kit car to give it the look you want.

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