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A Hummer is dream for many and for most it stays but a dream due to the high prices that hummers are sold at. A Hummer Kit might be a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford a real Hummer. But what is the Hummer price and can you afford one? Whether you can afford to realise your dream about a Hummer is a question only you can answer, perhaps with the help of an accountant. The question about the hummer price can however be answered and below you find the prices for different Hummer models on the American market as well as used Hummer prices.


Hummer H1 Price

The Hummer H1 is the original Hummer model and also the most expensive model. The price for a new Hummer H1 starts at $128,374.00. The hummer price $128,374.00 is for the Alpha Open Top 4 Door version. The Alpha wagon model is slightly more expensive and the price for this hummer H1 version is $139,771.00. The price of used Hummer H1 varies greatly and you can find one from about $ 50-60,000 but a used Hummer H1 price can also be upwards of $150,000. You can not only go by price when searching for a good deal on a Hummer H1. You should also consider how the Hummer H1 has been used before, has it for example been in use in the military before coming into private ownership.

Hummer H2 Price

The Hummer H2 price is less than half the price of the Hummer H1 and the 2006 SUV version is priced from $53,000 and upwards depending on equipment. The Hummer H2 SUT price is just above $53,000.  The used Hummer price for this model ranges from $27,000 and up. The hummer price varies depending on the age of the car and the shape it is in.

Hummer H3 price

The Hummer H3 is the by far cheapest of the Hummer models and starts at where the SUV sports utility version is priced at almost $29,000 while the adventure version of this hummer is priced at $31,000. As the Hummer H3 is a new model we lack a used hummer H3 price.

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