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HUMMER 3 Accessory

The Hummer 3 has not been on the market for very long, but there is already a wide range of Hummer 3 accessories available for those who wish to customize and improve their H3.

The bike rider will of course want to get a bicycle carrier for his or her H3 that makes it easy to transport bikes back and forth from biking adventures. When you choose among Hummer 3 accessory you will find many different types of bicycle carriers, e.g. roof-mounted bicycle carriers, hitch-mounted bicycle carriers and fork-mounted bicycle carriers.

Depending on which design you choose on this Hummer 3 accessory, you can mouth several bicycle carriers on the roof rack crossbars and carry four or more bicycles on top of your H3. Some designs will force you to remove the front wheel of the bikes, while others transport bikes with the front wheel still in place. When you select your bicycle carrier you should make sure that is comes with high-quality locks. Some lock designs will have a so called “quick release” that make loading and unloading faster and more hassle-free. 

Another very popular form of Hummer 3 accessory is the different type of guarding equipment, e.g. splash guards and brush guards. As the name suggests, the splash guard is a Hummer 3 accessory that will protect your car from mud, dirt and other forms of splashing road debris. This type of Hummer 3 accessory is attached directly behind the wheels of your Hummer and will protect the car as well as improve the rough and sporty look of the H3. You can guard the front as well as the rear using a H3 splash guard.

As mentioned earlier, the brush guard is also a very popular Hummer 3 accessory. By adding a brush guard to your H3, you will make your vehicle even more suitable for off-road driving since the brush guard will protect it from pebbles, stones and other forms of hard debris that can cause damage in tough terrain. You can get a brush guard with or without inserts. Some H3 owners choose to by off-road packages where they get a winch brush guard accompanied with a H3 winch. You will guard the front of your H3 with the brush guard and simultaneously create a great place to mount the winch. By purchasing such a H3 package, you can get all the parts in place without any drilling.

Last but not least, the Hummer H3 grills must of course be mentioned when we discus Hummer 3 accessories. Adding a grill to your H3 is a great way of enjoying the outdoors since you will always be able to have a delicious BBQ in the wilderness. You can for instance get a stainless steel grill that can be easily attached to the back of your H3. By having a grill attached to your car, you get a grill that will never waggle and that can be used even in tough weather conditions. A good H3 grill will rotate away from the car to make grilling more safe.

If you want to be able to use the grill independent of you car as well, you can buy a backyard stand.

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