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The GM Hummer 3 still has the classic proportions found in the earlier Hummer models; the GM Hummer H1 and GM Hummer H2. The GM Hummer 3 is however a much more compact car. It is not only appropriate for off-road driving; it is a nice city car too. It is true that the earlier Hummer model, the H2, was marketed as a city car by General Motors, but the H3 will most likely attract an entirely new group of drivers that prefer a smaller and more convenient vehicle for urban travel without having to sacrifice off-road abilities.

Inside your GM Hummer 3 you will find such amenities as a rugged shifter handle that can be folded completely forward. The compass, altimeter and inclinometer that is mounted on the dashboard might feel a bit silly when you are stuck in traffic jams, but just wait until you get out on a more adventurous tour. The various toggle switches found in the GM Hummer 3 is also inspired by its military ancestor and thereby ideal in rough terrain.

When you sit down in your GM Hummer 3, you will rest upon a new and innovative type of technical leather combined with the Sphere fabric developed by Nike. Designers from GM and Nike have worked together to emphasis the sporty and athletic style of the new GM Hummer 3. The interior is therefore decorated in vibrant colours typically found on sports gear: paprika orange, petrol and chamois. These colours are beautifully matched by the H3 exterior where petrol blue metallic and satin titanium alloy has been use to further the sporty approach.

To complete the overall impression, the GM Hummer 3 has been fitted with LED head lamps and tail lamps that are highly reliable even during tough conditions. You will also find front and rear skid plates that have been stamped out of aluminium. In addition to this, there is an integrated winch, tow hooks, skid plates for the control arm and rear axle, and a belly pan made from carbon fibre.

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