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Hummer H3 trucks boasts an underbody protection that covers the entire length of  the vehicle that has a thick aluminium shield, which protects the frame and suspension components. The Hummer e features additional protection for the oil pan, fuel tank and the transfer case in the form of rocker panel with three high-strength, steel skid plates. Additional two skid plates are available as optional add on security feature in the hummer3.

The sliding glass sunroof on a hummer 3 truck can be opened or closed or kept partly opened in a few seconds. Hummer H3 features more than enough options to allow you to carry almost any cargo on top of a Hummer 3 truck. The chrome Crossbows permit attaching things like ski racks, bike racks etc and comes with theft resistant hardware and lock. There is also a cargo net in the interior of the hummer3 to hold all the cargo in place.

The Hummer3 – H3 has an impeccable ground clearance of 8.5” and have a water fording capacity of 24 inches. Hummer 3 trucks comes with features that give unbelievable balance in almost every places. It can scale a 60 degree slope and traverse a 40 degree slope. This means an amazing of road capacity and an example of this is the fact that a 16” vertical wall is no problem for a hummer H3. This shows that GM hasn't forgotten about the HUMMER origion when they made a more family friendly version of the HUMMER than HUMMER H1 And Hummer H2. The hummer3 might be made to work as a family car but it still a HUMMER !

Hummer 3 Price

The base model Hummer 3 price is  $29,500. The price of the other hummer 3 models are slightly higher. The adventure model Hummer 3 features a price of $30,875 and the luxury model hummer 3 price is $32,730



Hummer H3 still a HUMMER

Hummer 3 truck


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