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Every lover of motor cars appreciate a Hummer as the best SUV that can be used on both road and dirt tracks. This military vehicle turned civilian has very little changes from its original version except for the small added interior comfort. There are criticisms against Hummer. But a Hummer continues to be macho symbol over all other. Hummers can go over rocks and through over 20 inches of water. It is fantastic in wild conditions and good in road conditions. Hummers combines the best of two worlds.

General Motors now own the brand name Hummer, but the original company AM General Corporation still manufactures Hummers in its Mishawaka plant located in Indiana. The attempts to come up with a civilian model for HMMWV or Humvee started in 1980’s. The manufacturers tried to keep the military Hummer features in the civilian version too. At first there were no dealers that sold Hummer and People had to go to the factory to buy a Hummer H1. The price for a HUMMER at this time was about $50,000.

American Motors began selling the Hummer in 1991. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first private individual to own a Hummer. He still have a number of Hummer cars in his fleet. Hummer was as previously stated originally a military vehicle used by US forces. The demand of a vehicle with power, efficiency and agility lead to the engineering of a vehicle named HMMWV or Humvee. The military trusted Humvee as an efficient partner while in wild terrains. The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled vehicle got its brand name Hummer with the introduction of a civilian version of the military vehicle. Hummers have more functional value in extreme conditions than any other car. Take away the comforts of the first Hummer and it looks exactly like a military Humvee. It is said that a Hummer can jump over any barriers and can tide over any extreme conditions. They have a wide body that enables it to have a balanced center of gravity and reduced risk of being tipped while moving in sloppy surfaces. The conditions demanded automatic transmission for Humvees for ease of driving. The civilian Hummer model of the American Motors General Corporation (GM) caught the attention of American masses with the adventure tour of two Hummers from London to Beijing through the rough roads of Soviet Union.

Hummer did when introduced as civilian vehicles have almost the same functions as the military version. It was only in the final stage of production that the Humvees and Hummers take different routes. The first two Hummers, H1 and H2 had high off-road performance capacity and big-size. The HUMMER 3 - H3 is more slick but have all the efficiencies of its predecessors. Hummer H3 is meant for daily usage without losing it abilities in extreme conditions

Hummer cars have optional features and accessories that let its users to customize their vehicles to their own needs. Examples of customized Hummer cars are the bullet-proof Hummer cars that are used by some celebrities and the Hummer limousines.  Regardless of the customization the hummer turns head where ever it goes.

Hummers have a vertical ground clearance of 16 inches, double of a standard SUV. Nearly no natural obstacles on the way could threat the smooth running of a Hummer which can climb a 16 inch vertical rock. A hummer has excellent ground clearance and a balanced center of gravity, ensuring safety while taking dangerous maneuvers. This together with the four channels anti locking brake system offers the best control in whatever situations. The HUMMER also features a number of others features to offer supreme control in any situation like TorgTrac 4 technology that reduces tire spin and offers better control over slippery surfaces. Another feature that helps improve control is the Central Tire Inflation System which allows you to control the air pressures in all the tires of the HUMMER individually.

All Hummers, from the military Hummer version called HUMVEE to the first Civilian version HUMMER H1, and through the HUMMER H2 to the new HUMMER 3 – H3 has been and still are exceptional cars. The new Hummer 3 however makes all of this practical in everyday life and makes a HUMMER the whole family can enjoy both in the city and in the country. Who knows what HUMMER 4 will bring

Hummer 3 truck


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