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The new hummer 3 was first exposed at the 2004 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show and subsequently released by General Motors in 2005. It is a midsize truck and much smaller than the earlier hummer models; the H1 and H2. The new hummer 3 is marketed as an ideal choice for urban as well as off-road driving. By purchasing the new hummer 3, you will get the versatility and durability of the previous hummer models crammed into a neat little piece of car. Just like the earlier hummer models, the new hummer 3 features a low roofline, wide stance and wheels that are situated at the corners of the car. The H3 has a 118.6 inch wheelbase and is 74.5 inches across.

You will find a lot of fascinating features in the new hummer 3, such as a large pickup box that incorporates side-access doors. Since the new hummer 3 is intended to be used by a broader range of people than professional off-road drivers, a lot of comfortable features have been included, e.g. drop-down assist steps. If you take a closer look at these steps, you will notice that they actually double as weather-tight storage space. In your new hummer 3 you will also find a big, power-operated folding sunroof made from canvas. The rear window is drop-down in order to create an open-air feeling for the hummer drivers.

So, enough talk about assist steps and sunroofs. How is the new hummer 3 when you bring it out into rough terrain? Well, with a H3 you can safely traverse terrain that would cause many other 4x4s to give up. One of the reasons behind this outstanding capability is the 34 inch tall tires that give the H3 a 51 degree approach angle when combined with a notable 11.5 inches of ground clearance. The new hummer 3 also has a 50 degree departure angle.

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Hummer 3 truck


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