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Deciding what Hummer 3 parts that you should bring with you on your H3 adventure can be difficult, since you want to be prepared for virtually anything but still carry a minimal amount of Hummer 3 parts. A lot of people tend to overload their Hummer when they plan for long distance 4x4 travel. Some drivers have actually managed to fill their vehicles with so much stuff that suspension and other sensitive parts break when the car is brought out in tough terrain. When such thing happens, drivers are of course glad that they brought their repair kit, an extra spring, a shock absorber, a spare axle, a clutch plate and so on.

Little do they realise that the damage would not have occurred in the first place if they had only been a bit more selective when they packed for the trip. Knowing which Hummer 3 parts to bring, and which to leave at home, is therefore imperative for a hassle free 4x4 journey.

It is of course impossible to provide Hummer drivers with a detailed list that simply states what to bring and what to skip. The necessary amount of Hummer 3 parts will depend on several factors, including how long you will stay away and in which type of region you will drive. Access to auto-shops and similar facilities along your way will also effect the planning. If you are planning to drive a Hummer 3 from Moscow to Beijing, you naturally need a larger amount of Hummer 3 parts than if you are going on a simple one day tour in less demanding terrain closer to urban dwellings. The age and condition of your Hummer 3 should also affect your choice of spare Hummer 3 parts. An old or previously damaged car will typically require more pampering along the way. 

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