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HUMMER 3 Review

The newest addition to the Hummer family, the H3, has received mixed reviews by drivers and world press. The best ways of finding accurate and unbiased reviews is to read a lot of different reviews and try to see if certain problems occur more frequently than others in the reviews. A Hummer 3 review from General Motors will of course find no fault at all with their new car, while a Hummer 3 review written by someone that hates large cars and SUV’s in general and the Hummer line in particular will find nothing but problems with the H3. Reading more than one Hummer 3 review, preferably ten or more, is therefore recommended to get a more balanced opinion.

Some of the complaints that have been brought forward in Hummer 3 reviews have to do with rear window visibility. Short persons have felt that it is hard to look out through the comparatively small rare window. Other drivers have also mentioned in their Hummer 3 review how the headrests tend to block the rear view somewhat, but also added that this problem is counteracted by the large mirrors found in the Hummer 3.

Another problem that has been brought up in a Hummer 3 review is the fact that there are no heated exterior mirrors on the new Hummer 3. This can of course be a large problem if you live in a cold climate and keep your Hummer 3 outdoors. You will have to scrape your exterior mirrors yourself to keep them ice free.

One person that wrote a Hummer 3 review felt that the only thing that he would change with his new Hummer 3 was the horn. He wanted a more powerful and dominant horn that was more inline with the rest of the car.

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