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HUMMER 3 Spare Tire Cover

Carrying a spare tire with you becomes extra important when you use your four wheel Hummer 3 to venture out into remote areas where an inflated tire can cause large problems. If you plan on going on any longer drives with your Hummer 3, you should always make sure that you know how to replace a tire in case of damage. Brining the necessary tools is of course just as important as brining one or several spare tires. Even if you stay in areas where you call for help using your cell phone, it can take hours for mechanics to find you and being involuntary stuck in the middle of nowhere is rarely a pleasant experience.

Always bringing a spare tire becomes much more stylish if you purchase a good looking Hummer 3 spare tire cover for your vehicle. Today, there is a wide selection of gorgeos Hummer 3 spare tire cover variants available for the H3 owner and you can get a Hummer 3 spare tire cover that matches the tough yet exclusive look of your H3 perfectly.

Among the various exclusive Hummer 3 spare tire cover variants you will for instance find off-road covers made from stainless steel and impact resistant ABS thermoformed plastic. The hard faceplate can be obtained in a wide range of different colors, such as vivid yellow, victory red and slate blue. A lockable steel ring is a good idea since it will improve safety.

Getting a right sized cover is of course important, and you should therefore make sure that you check the measurements of the Hummer 3 spare tire cover before you make a purchase. Sometimes the measurements are stated simply as “32-inches H3 cover” or “33-inches H3 cover”. Other manufacturers will instead use measurements such as “Made to fit P265x75x16 tires” or “Made to fit P285x75x16 tires”.

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